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Mike Polaski (partial owner/CEO SURG) started the farm in the early 1990's in West Bend, WI. He bought it due to its close proximity to his horse farm and soon after purchased the cattle located at what is now known as Hidden Creek Farm.

In the mid 1990's the farm moved to New London, WI, its current location located approximately two hours north of Milwaukee. This is the same area in which Mike Polaski was born. The area has history going back to Polaski's relatives living there in the 1850's. Polaski inherited the original farmstead and acreage, however, has since purchased nearly 1,000 additional acres over the last 15 years. Polaski continues to add parcels of land as they become available for sale.

The farm originated as a seed stock Angus operation. In the last 2 ½ years, Hidden Creek has added a commercial division. SURG Restaurant Group shares a common philosophy with Hidden Creek built on their strong intention to use locally produced foods and Wisconsin grown products as much as possible. A growing portion of SURG diners truly appreciate the use of local products and the effect they have on the taste of both food and beverage. SURG Restaurant Group believes in the importance for savvy restaurant operators to use local products, and that it is a contributing factor for people to take pride in the great state of Wisconsin.

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Farm Facts

Hidden Creek encompasses approximately 1,100 acres. The acreage is broken down into wood lots, pasture, and marshes. Polaski built a cattle barn and suitable out buildings.

Approximately 1/3 of the land is used for crop production. Hidden Creek leases land from five other farms in the area for crop production as well. This adds an additional 350 acres for crops. HCF is currently growing alfalfa (mixed with various grasses and clovers) and corn, the two main staples for cattle. There are plans to grow tomatoes, peas, and herbs in a new greenhouse facility. Other plans include the outdoor planting of five acres of heirloom tomatoes and two varieties of squash for use in the SURG restaurants. Although seasonal vegetables will have to be purchased from a different grower out season, Hidden Creek intends to produce enough herbs to serve their restaurants in the off-season.

In 2008, HCF expanded their Angus herd to include Waygu cattle (Kobe) to be used at SURG restaurants and have since bred Angus/Waygu crosses that will improve the marbling in this type of beef. To continue the trend of specialty meats, in 2009 HCF was introduced to the Mangalitsa pigs from Hungary and Austria. Because these pigs can no longer be imported into the United States, Hidden Creek purchases neutered piglets from the only licensed U.S. breeder of Mangalitsa pigs who purchased the stock from Hungary before they stopped importation. The pork from Mangalitsa pigs can be compared to that of Japanese Kobe beef and has similar marbling qualities.